About Us

  HOLA Hostels is a hostel network in Latin America. We are currently incorporating Europe into our community.

  What is so special about our network? Each of our hostels respects our Planet and its cultural diversity. You will be able to experience local culture, customs and philosophy.

  HOLA was created in 2007. A group of travelers who traveled most of the world realized that great quality hostels that also respect our planet were not all that easy to find; this gave birth to an idea, and pretty soon, HOLA was created.

    At every HOLA accommodation you will find fun, friendship, cleanliness, and outstanding service.

Quality Standards

  All our hostels meet quality and sanitary standards to make your experience feel as comfortable and clean as possible.
 Additionally, HOLA hostels offers friendly service, comfort, peace of mind, exclusive activities, language lessons, fun, and safety.

Who is part of HOLA?

   HOLA is made up of all the network hostels, but, most importantly, it is composed by each of our guest-members. When you arrive at your first HOLA Hostel, you may sign up for free to become a member of our community and start enjoying all our benefits.