About Us

HOLA Hostels is a network that Hostels in Latin America and we are incorporating Europe. It is a network of hostels where each one of them has a special respect for Planet Tiera and the different cultures. In them you can also live the culture, idiosyncrasy and philosophy of the place.

HOLA was born in 2007. A group of travelers who toured much of the world realized that it was not so easy to find Hostels of excellent quality and have that special respect and care of the planet; that's how the idea came up and HOLA was born.

In each of the hostels HOLA you will live fun, friendship, cleanliness and excellent personal attention.

Quality Standards

All our hostels respect standards of quality and cleanliness so that the experience lived is the maximum sensation of comfort and hygiene. HOLA, also offers you warmth, comfort, tranquility, exclusive activities, language courses, fun and safety.

Who forms HOLA?

HOLA is made up of all the hostel of the chain, but above all, it is formed by each of our guests / partners. When you arrive at the first HOLA hostel you can associate totally free to our community and start enjoying all the benefits we provide.