Hostel Hostalife - Guadalajara - Mexico

Hostel Hostalife - Guadalajara - Mexico
Calle Bruselas 321, Americana
Phone: +523323057555 // +523339700967

Set in an upscale neighborhood of Guadalajara Jalisco lies the beautiful and tranquil property of hostel Hostalife. With only a year of operation, hostalife is rated as the best hostel in the city with a 4.9-star rating in google. Our friendly and welcoming staffs are bilingual and are always ready to assist in any way possible, our property is located just of the important main avenues of Nino's heroes and Chapultepec Avenue, five minutes from the united states consulate,  and eight minutes from the Spain embassy. Hostalife is also just a few minutes from the city center and is almost fifteen minutes walk or five minutes by bus. Some of the services offered are; free Wi-Fi, laundry, luggage storage, massages, restaurant /planned meals and the option to book tours. Relax and have a

Drink on our rooftop sun terrace while socializing with others or watch a projected movie by night. You may also request from our in-house chef freshly homemade pizzas and pasta or even learn how to make it yourself in a one and one cooking class or group.

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