Hopi Hostel - Bogota - Colombia

Hopi Hostel - Bogota - Colombia
Carrera 18 #32 - 53, Bogotá
Phone: +571-749-8136

​Hopi Hostel is a dream come true, one that we’ve had deep inside and we’ve grown up in every city we've walked, each path we’ve crossed. We’re backpackers who believe in living and enjoying the experience of doing what others can’t because of their own fears, we love being what we decided and we wanted to be, getting where no one else has ever been. 

 We do this because we love to show that you don’t need ties to be successful. We decided to quit routine to be part of those nomads who do whatever they please and be happy like them, walk our own destiny and listen to our hearts and the road… we just want to be one of those who actually change the world. 

 Because when we wake up in a dorm, in a tent or in a hammock, we know we’ve woke up in paradise, we know we're looking at what is hidden for those who think the world is as they were told, while they don't have the courage to see it by themselves. We, the ones who gave up comfort instead of discovering places, people, cultures, landscapes, moments and languages, are the ones who truly find themselves. So we created an amazing hostel just because we love meeting people, listening to their stories and share their past and present, knowing who they really are, understanding their passions, sorrows and dreams. We enjoy sharing the excitement of traveling and being alive. We know there are no coincidences, everything has a purpose and every place and person we meet will definitely transcend our lives. Because we believe in never being satisfied, we are not from a land with borders but from the world, we are the ones who break with dogmas and understand there are multiple truths, we feel amazed with the whole universe every mind is.

 We are the ones who pursue their dreams instead of living as we were told, we decided to let go all the unnecessary and make of our life something amazing yet lightweight, to carry our memories and moments in a backpack so that we're free and can move wherever we want. Now the road has become our partner, our home is wherever we find nomads like us. This is why we created Hopi Hostel, a place made for travelers who decided to jump, meet and live...


Todo, la onda, el staff, la ubicación, las habitaciones.. Sin duda el mejor hostel de Bogotá.
February of 2016